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Finding a new home for the treasures from your home.

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Get to Know Magpie Estate Sales Group

Founded in 2022, Magpie Estate Sales Group is recognized as one of the premier estate sale businesses in Missouri.  We know how to accurately price items to sell while at the same time, maximizing our client's return.

We have contacts at auction houses in Missouri as well as nationally in order to offer your

premium market pieces to a broader audience.

Magpie's are known collectors. They LOVE bright, shiny objects--and so do we! We also love old, dusty objects!

For those that enjoy treasure hunting, our sales are a great way to add interest and fun to your weekend plans while helping you find the perfect piece for your home or office! With a range of items from crystal barware from the 1920s to vintage clothing, you are sure to find your newest treasure.

Services Provided

At Magpie Estate Sales Group, we bring our clients’ assets to life for buyers. We handle all pricing and confer with you regarding the methods we can utilize to sell your most unique assets. For years, we have done this informally for friends and family. We are excited to have the opportunity to do this for a broader market now!


Not only do we handle all pricing, we also track sales so you can see what the various items sold for and which day of the sale they sold. 

In addition, we clean the property before the sale so everything presents beautifully and we return the house to you in a fully cleaned state.

We can work with your schedule and guarantee a full turnaround in under 30 days.

 Whether you are liquidating assets because of a death in the family or because of downsizing, we can help!

Contact us today at 573-690-4225 or by email at

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Accurately Valuing Your Property

There are a lot of choices out there for you to select from. We are the best choice because we know how to accurately value your items. We price items using values based on the market. We know it's important to receive the maximum price while also ensuring the item sells.


For unique items, such as vintage clothing or paintings, we either sell it online on specialty sites or work with our contacts at auction houses throughout the nation.

While these methods may take more time, we can assure you they will bring a higher return.

Don't let dollars slip through your hand because your estate liquidation company doesn't know the current market! We stay on top of trends and are confident in our pricing 

Presenting a Great Sale!

Presenting a clean, accurately-priced sale is what we do! It's imperative that your items are marketed in a great way. We do this by utilizing our contacts and presenting a clean sale.

We have a contact list of thousands of people in the mid-Missouri area that love estate sales. We market directly to them as well as run ads in the local newspapers, just to make sure we are covering the market!

In addition, we market your sale online and on social media to attract the largest range of buyers.

Prior to the sale, the property is cleaned so that your items are showcased in a way that will make them desirable. This includes cleaning not only the property but also polishing items such as silver to remove tarnish! After the sale, the property is again cleaned so that it's market ready.

We know how to generate a buzz and get people to your sale!


Jefferson City, MO


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